Mahalaxmi - Asta Dipa (8 Diyas) | Pancha Dipa (5 Diyas)

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Elevate your Puja decor with this newly launched & lovely looking Mahalaxmi Aṣṭa Dipa  that is a MUST have in your Puja collection. 

Made of 100% natural clay. 

The 8 diyas represent the 8 directions in Hindu tradition - Uttara (North), Daksina (South), Purva (East), Pascima (West), Isanya (Northeast), Agneya (Southeast), Vayavya (Northwest), Nairrtya (Southwest)


Material: 100% natural clay

Asta Dipa Size: 8 inch height x 8 inch width

Pancha Dipa Size:  8 inch x 8 inch 

Contains: 1 pc