Earthenware Handi Set (set of 3)

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For centuries, we have used clay-based products to store/consume food and water in our kitchens. This does not just have a cultural significance but also scientific reasoning. 

Retaining 100% micro-nutrients while cooking and consuming lesser oil, clay-based cookware is the best option for a healthy lifestyle. 

Proven Health Benefits of using Kulture Street's Earthenware Handis:

~ Retains 100% micro-nutrients while cooking 

~ Lead-free | Microwave and Dishwasher safe

~ Consumes lesser oil & allows slow cooking

~ Gives earthy flavor to your food

~ Alkaline in nature | Brings down the acidic nature of your body

~ Maintains pH balance of the food


~ Capacity: 250 ml, 400 ml, 600 ml

~~~~ Usage instructions ~~~~


1. Soak it in water for 24-48 hrs before usage
2. Season your pot (Dry completely after soaking and apply cooking oil on inside and outside of the pot with a cloth)
3. Pour tap water in the seasoned pot and let it stay overnight


1. Always start the heating the pot from a low flame & gradually increase the flame level every 2 mins
2. Never pour cold water in a hot clay Handi
3. Do not wash the Handi when it is hot. Let it cool down


1. Wash with lukewarm water & gentle scrub. Do not use soap
2. Store in a dry place
3. Dishwasher safe. But prefer hand cleaning

Earthen Pots last a lifetime if cared for!