Earthenware Curd Setter (Dahi)

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Curd's an integral part of every Indian household's meal. Be it the mouth-watering curd rice in Tamil Nadu or to couple it with Punjabi Parathas as raita. The health benefits and usages of curd are numerous.  

The problem, however, is to find the perfect vessel to set your homemade curd. 

Kulture Street brings to you a Terracotta Curd Setter made of 100% natural clay. 

Benefits of using Kulture Street's Curd Setter made of clay:

~ Organic and food safe

~ Protects the yogurt from external temperature fluctuations

~ Terracotta's porous nature helps make your curd thicker!


Capacity: 700 ml

Material: 100% natural clay

Usage instructions:

~ Soak it in water for 24-48 hrs and season the pot with cooking oil before usage

~ Use mild soap

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