Earthenware Coffee Mug

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For centuries, we have used clay-based products to store/consume food and water in our kitchens. This does not just have a cultural significance but also scientific reasoning. 

Clay-based teacups (or) more fondly called as the Chai Kulhads are probably some of the most widely used products that are clay-based. 

We are introducing you to these lovely Earthenware Coffe Mugs from Kulture Street. 

Benefits of using Kulture Street's Earthenware Coffee Mugs:

~ 100% bio-degradable 

~ Lead-free | Microwave and Dishwasher safe

~ Handmade in rural India

~ Gives earthy flavor to your coffee

~ Alkaline | Brings down the acidic nature of your body


~ Number of Cups: 1 pc

~ Size of each cup: 4.5 x 3 inch (might vary a bit)

~ Color: Brown (might vary a bit)

Usage instructions:

~ Soak it in water for 24-48 hrs before usage

~ Use mild soap