Earthenware Bottle (1 litre)

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For centuries, we have used clay-based products to store food and water in our kitchens. This does not just have a cultural significance but also scientific reasoning. 

How does water stored in a Clay Pot/Bottle cool itself?

Evaporative Cooling - Capillary action causes water from Earthen pots/bottles to evaporate through the mini-pores in the pot, taking the heat from the water inside making the water inside cooler. 

Health Benefits of drinking water stores in an Earthen Bottle:

~ Helps maintain pH balance in our body (reduced acidity & gastronomic pains)

~ Improves digestion & metabolism

~ Treats bad throats

~ Prevents sunstrokes

Key Highlights of Kulture street's Earthenware bottle:

~ Made of 100% natural clay

~ Sustainable 

~ Safe (food grade)

~ Handmade & ethically sourced 

Important Usage instructions:

~ Soak earthenware bottles in water for 24 hrs before usage

~ Earthenware bottles should always be used with a quarter plate at the bottom. This is to capture the water that leaks out of the bottle. 

~ Only for Table Top use. Cannot be carried in a bag


~ Weight: approx. 750g

~ Capacity: 1000