Banana Fiber Utility Baskets (Round)

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Introducing Kulture Street's collection of hand woven Banana Fiber products made from naturally dried Banana bark. 

How are Banana Fiber products made? 

- Our artisans collect dried Banana bark from rural Banana plantations

- The collected bark then goes through processing to make it ready for roping

- The processed bark are then hand rolled into strong ropes

- These ropes then hand woven into various products

Product & Delivery Specifications:

 Product Name  Banana Fiber Table Utility Box
 Size Specs  Small Basket: 9 inch diameter x 2.5 inch height
 Big Basket: 11 inch diameter x 3 inch height
 Material Used  Banana Bark Fiber
 Absorbs Water  Yes
 Production Type  Handmade
 Heat Resistance  Yes
 Cash on Delivery  Not Available
 Delivery in  10 working days


In Collaboration with:

Sanjeevini- KSRLPS