Banana Fiber Planters

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Introducing Kulture Street's collection of hand woven Banana Fiber products made from naturally dried Banana bark. 

How are Banana Fiber products made? 

- Our artisans collect dried Banana bark from rural Banana plantations

- The collected bark then goes through processing to make it ready for roping

- The processed bark are then hand rolled into strong ropes

- These ropes then hand woven into various products

Product & Delivery Specifications:

 Product Name  Banana Fiber Table Planters
 Size Specs  Big Planter: 12 inch diameter x 10 inch height
 Medium Planter: 9 inch diameter x 8 inch height
 Small Planter: 7 inch diameter x 6 inch height
 Material Used  Banana Bark Fiber
 Absorbs Water  Yes
 Production Type  Handmade
 Heat Resistance  Yes
 Cash on Delivery  Not Available
 Delivery in  10 working days
 Usage Instructions  Use planter pots with a bottom plate. Take the pot out of the planter and water


In Collaboration with:

Sanjeevini- KSRLPS