Baby Ganesha & Shivling - Magic Lamp

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This newly launched & lovely looking Baby Ganesha & Shivling Magic lamp is a MUST have in your Puja collection. 

Made of 100% natural clay. 


Material: 100% natural clay

Size: 6.5 inch height x 4.5 inch width

How to Use:

Step 1: Pour up to 3 teaspoons of puja oil from the entry point at the bottom of the lamp

Step 2: Wipe off any oil that might have spilled over around the entry point

Step 3: Turn the lamp to its correct position with the diya lighting area facing towards you (Don't worry the oil doesn't come out from the bottom - that's the magic) 

Step 4: If there's any initial spillage at the diya lighting point, wipe it.

Step 5: Insert the cotton thread through the diya lighting point

Step 6: Light the diya :)